Night Song (Mobile Étoile)

Night Song (Mobile Étoile)


Hannah and Daniel are both musicians. They live by their music, reviving Synagogal French music composed between the late 19th century and the beginning of the 20th., a genuine piece of a lost musical treasure. But since a while, they are having an hard time keeping their group alive. They face financial burden, and lack resources and local subventions, despite their talents and dedication. How would they save their relationship, their love, their music?

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Hannah, passionate about classical choral music, leads a choir of Jewish liturgical chant in Montreal with her husband Daniel, a pianist. For the past ten years, they've dedicated themselves to the group of singers, with passion, determination and devotion. But lately, funding has dried up and it has become harder and harder to make ends meet. Then, one day, a talented young woman Abigail joins the choir. Abigail is unquestionably gifted, lively, and engaging. Despite all the difficulties within the group, she gives Hannah a new breath of life just as Samuel, Hannah's former professor, shows up with an ancient partition thought to be lost...

Bonus: Spontaneous melody and the making-of Night Song (French only)

Hannah, chanteuse de musique classique, passionnée et obstinée, dirige une chorale à Montréal avec son mari Daniel, pianiste. Ils vivent de concerts de création de musiques françaises sacrées, véritables trésors du patrimoine, composées pour les synagogues de France fin XIXe - début XXe. Mais depuis quelques temps, ils peinent à maintenir leur groupe vocal à flot. Et alors qu’ils recrutent Abigail, une jeune fille fragile et surdouée qui leur redonne de l’espoir, l’ancien professeur d’Hannah, Samuel, arrive à Montréal avec une ancienne partition perdue...

Suppléments: Mélodie spontanée et le «making-of» de Mobile étoile

Technical Details

Length / Durée: 119 minutes

Year / Année: 2016

Aspect Ratio / Image: Panoramique 16:9 (2.35)

Format: DVD NTSC

Sound / Son: 5.1 Surround, 2.0 Stereo