Winter Tails (Sur les traces de l'hiver)

Winter Tails (Sur les traces de l'hiver)


Focusing on Canada’s wildlife throughout the change of climate and bitter temperatures of the winter season.

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Canada's many animal species have adapted to a wide range of habitats. Some live on the outskirts of cities, while others make their homes on the plains, in waters and wetlands, in mixed or boreal forests, or on the tundra. Those habitats change with the seasons, and the animals must adapt quickly to new climate conditions and the resulting changes in the food supply. For most species, the living is easiest in spring, summer, and fall. But throughout most of Canada, the cold reigns supreme for several months of the year. In the Arctic as in most Canadian provinces further south, winter means snow and ice - and lots of it. With the approach of the cold season, different species react in different ways. Some migrate southward while others adapt. It is on those that choose to stay that this 52-minute documentary will focus its attention.

La neige et le froid habitent ce pays jusqu'en son coeur. Pourtant, bien avant que l'homme n'y mette le pied, la vie s'est ingéniée à peupler chaque recoin de son territoire. Depuis ces temps lointains, les forêts, les toundras et les montagnes canadiennes accueillent sur leurs sols enneigés des êtres de chair.

Un coureur d'images s'est engagés sur les traces de ces bêtes et vous invite à partager ses réflexions et ses découvertes. Vous y verrez des animaux fascinants qui se sont adaptés afin de survivre aux rigueurs des hivers canadiens.

Technical Details

Length / Durée: 52 minutes

Year / Année: 2004

Aspect Ratio / Image: 16:19 

Format: DVD NTSC

Sound / Son: 2.0 Dolby Digital