The Torrent

Released October 26th 2012

A film by Simon Lavoie

Produced by Jacques Blain and Sylvain Corbeil

With Victor Andrés Trelles Turgeon, Laurence Leboeuf, Dominique Quesnel, Anthony Therrien and Marco Bacon

Rural Québec, early 20th century. Claudine, a young woman ostracized by her mother, lives on an isolated farm, where she has raised her son François alone, in a strict religious upbringing. She dreams of this "bastard" child one day becoming a priest, through which she might restore her own reputation. Now a young man, François returns home from college, and for the first time in his life rebels against his mother’s authority. In retaliation, she strikes him in the head so hard that he becomes deaf. From that point on, all he can hear is the roar of the river’s torrent, which flows not far from their home ... Months later, we rediscover the young man alone on the otherwise abandoned farm. François comes to desire a woman, and buys mysterious Amica from a peddler camped on his land. Little by little, he finds himself tamed by this very special girl.

CANADA | 2012 | DRAMA | 152 MINUTES | HD


Rich in emotions
— Charles-Henri Ramond, Films du Québec