The Secret Life of Pianos - Poster

The Secret Life of Pianos

43' | English version | HD

The Secret Life of Pianos is a documentary about Bruce Bischoff and the quirky, wacky, eccentric and beautiful world of pianos and their technicians. Bruce has tuned pianos by ear for over a quarter century. He views himself as a piano psychiatrist believing that pianos are a living, breathing expression of ourselves. Embark on an inspiring journey into the creative psyche of a man who listens like no other. The film captures the dying art of aural piano tuning against a backdrop of Bruce at work as we meet his friends, piano masters and monsters. A little bit of a wild streak and brush with death has instilled incredible fire, and a passion within Bruce which draws in everyone he meets.

- Yorkton Film Festival 2017: Best Documentary - Arts & Culture

Produced by: Loft Productions

World Rights excluding VOD with Telus (Canada)