The Pianist

Released January 31st 1992

A film by Claude Gagnon

Produced by Claude Gagnon and Yuri Yoshimura-Gagnon

With Gail Travers, Macha Grenon, Eiji Okuda, Dorothée Berryman, Maury Chaykin and Ralph Allison

Jean and her sister, played by Macha Grenon, have a life long infatuation with the Japanese Pianist who once lived across the street from them during their high school years. The film is set during the family's reunion on Vancouver Island and flashes back and forth over the last 10 years. By coincidence, Yoshi who is now a world famous Pianist is giving a concert in Vancouver and Amy is anxious to see him again but her sister curiously is not at all interested. The girls explore old passions, stalking, sibling rivalry and wrong life choice based on the fantasies of their youth. When Amy discovers her sister over the years, had nearly 7 or 8 sexual encounters with Yoshi, she is devastated. Inspite of the fact that Amy had chosen a career path which relocated her to New York City in order to increase her chances of a possible relationship with the handsome, exotic and gifted former neighbour, she never did meet Yoshi so her passions for him continued to smolder right up to the time of the family reunion. Will they meet Yoshi, will he now choose Amy? A delicate but not precious slice of life with unusual plot twists and turns which inspires the audience to ask of themselves, what have my life influences been and were my choices reasonable and wise?



Claude Gagnon marvels us once again, but one thing has changed: he is now sharing his wonder and talent more than ever before
— Denis Bélanger, Ciné Bulles