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the heir

53' | English & French versions | HD

Georges Jorisch, a Holocaust survivor, arrived in Montreal in 1957. Having lost everything in the war, Georges made his living as a humble camera salesman. At the beginning of the movement for the recapture and restoration of artworks stolen by the Nazis during WWII, Georges recalls the collection of paintings owned by his grandmother in Vienna, before being deported to a concentration camp. Among them were two Gustav Klimt paintings. The Heir is the story of his quest to find his family’s missing pieces. Not for the money, but for the principle of the matter.

- 3 2017 Gémeaux Awards: Best Show or Documentary: Biography or Portrait, Best Direction & Best Documentary

Produced by: Datsit Studios Onze

World excluding Télé-Québec (French Canada) , SRC/RDI (French Canada), Histoire (France) and TV5 Monde