Seasons of the Fox

Released in 2002

A film by Harold Arsenault

Produced by Paul Cadieux

The red fox has attained the greatest geographical distribution of any member of the canidae family. Many of us live very close to a fox's territory without realizing it. Yet it is rare to catch even a fleeting glimpse of this secretive animal crossing a field or running along the edge of a wood. Filmed in the heart of the boreal forest on Quebec's Anticosti Island, this documentary gives us an inside look at the life of the red fox. After hundreds of hours of patient observation, we have captured the essence of this small dog-like animal on film. Focusing on the daily life of a young family of foxes, we have recorded striking images of the behaviour patterns that have allowed this species to thrive. From the formation of a couple to the birth, the first tentative steps, and the raising of their young, we have created an up-close look at their hunting methods, their territorial battles, and the games and escapades of their kits near the den until they are finally ready to strike out on their own. Throughout the four seasons, in the midst of all the wild creatures that inhabit the boreal forest, we invite you to discover the Seasons of the Fox.