Rock, Paper, Scissors

Released February 22nd 2013

A film by Yan Lanouette Turgeon

Produced by Christine Falco

With Roy Dupuis, Remo Girone, Samian, Roger Léger, Frédéric Chau and Fanny Mallette

Boucane, a young Indigenous man fresh off the reserve, meets Norman, a former mob boss, reduced to doing odd-jobs for his new bosses. Lorenzo, an old Italian immigrant on his last dime, is looking for some fast cash to fulfill his dying wife's last wish. Vincent, a doctor stripped of his medical license, is forced to work for the insidious Chinese mob. Three men, each looking for a way out. Their fates collide on the night of a lunar eclipse.

CANADA | 2013 | DRAMA | 115 MINUTES | HD


Must see!
— Marc-André Lussier, La Presse