Released November 17th 1979

A film by Claude Gagnon

Produced by Claude Gagnon and Yuri Yoshimura-Gagnon

With Junko Wakashiba, Akiko Kitamura, Takuma Ikéuchi, Toshio Hashimoto and Nobuo Nakanishi

Keiko is 23, a lonely homebody. Right after New Years, she asks her high school teacher to take her virginity. Soon after, she hooks up with a man she meets at a snack bar. A few months later, Keiko leaves him with a heart broken. It's now another new year and she finds it hard to accept the wooing of a handsome coworker. Then another coworker, Kazuyo, makes advances to her and they start a blissful lesbian relationship. Kazuyo may well be Keiko's true love but Keiko is under pressure from her family to marry a man.

JAPAN | 1979 | DRAMA | 119 MINUTES


★★★★ - Insightful drama about women’s status in Japan in the ‘70s
— Pierre Daudelin, Letter Box