Equus - Story of the Horse - Official Image

Equus - Story of the Horse

3 x 52' | English version only | 4K

Following international acclaim for the three-part series The Great Human Odyssey (2015), anthropologist Niobe Thompson now embarks on a fascinating new journey exploring the horse - human relationship. Shot and mastered entirely in spectacular 4K, Equus rejoins the human story at critical juncture for our species, when we harnessed horsepower to create a globalized world. Over two years of filming, we follow still unpublished scientific discoveries with leading archeologists and ancient DNA experts, take audiences into remote, surviving horse cultures around the planet, and bring the earliest horse peoples alive through stunning recreations.

Produced by: Equus Productions

World excluding WNET·Nature (USA), ZDF & ARTE (France/Germany), UR (Sweden), DR (Denmark), YLE (Finland), U7 Group (Russia) and ODISEA (Spain)