Bouvetoya: The Last Place On Earth - Official Image

BØuvetoya: The Last Place On Earth

46' | English version only | HD

Jason and Bruno are dedicated travelers and adventurers - the more extreme the better. Together they’ve climbed the Seven Summits, sailed across the Pacific, cycled the 100th anniversary Tour de France, and trekked to the South and North Poles. But they’ve never done anything like this before. The journey to Bouvet Island is the opportunity to make something last: leave their imprint, as it were. And so to deepen the quest, the pair invite seven people along: an international crew of scientists, artists, historians and fellow adventurers to explore the unknown with them, climb to the summit of Bouvet Island, and place a time capsule at the top containing visions of the future

Produced by: Adobe Productions

World excluding Discovery Channel (Canada)