Anatane: Saving the Children of Okura

26 x 26' | English & French versions | HD

Paris, 2213. Like all boys approaching the age of 15, Anatane Goliatkine knows that he’ll soon be sent off to Okura. There, like his father before him, he is to become a Grad, a worker indoctrinated and labouring on the Great Project overseen by Clunk, dictator of the new world order since the end of the Third Great War that ravaged the planet.

During a playful snowball fight with friends, Anatane's very destiny is irrevocably altered. On discovering that he has the amazing power of turning himself invisible, the boy soon becomes the most sought-after fugitive on the globe... Representing a direct threat to Clunk’s dictatorship, Anatane also stands as a beacon of hope for all rebels and resistance fighters scattered across the world. To put an end to the oppressive dictatorship and free men from their controlled Grad state, Anatane Goliatkine leaves Paris with pals Nikita and Nevenaa, and his younger sister Ariane in tow. Thus begins their long journey eastwards, in search of the mysterious Okura...

Produced by: Les films de la Perrine & Tooncan

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