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46' | English version only | HD

Set against the backdrop of Manitoba’s rugged boreal forest, A Life on the Line explores one of Canada’s oldest professions – fur trapping. It is also the story of a young Métis man's journey to connect with his father on a Manitoba trap line.

For award-winning filmmaker Sam Karney, being Metis wasn’t something he thought much about while growing up. His mother rarely spoke of her Metis background. In an odd twist, his father Chuck, a Ukrainian, has spent the better part of his life living a very traditional life as a fur trapper in the Canadian wilderness. Throughout a trapping season, Sam spends time with his father, learning what it takes to run a trapline. From bone chilling cold to the gruesome realities of the job, Sam is hands on, learning and occasionally failing. Often humorous and occasionally heartwarming, the film shows a father’s desire to teach his son a dying way of life and to continue on when he no longer can.

Produced by: Wookey Films

World excluding APTN (Canada)