A Flesh Offering

Released April 26th 2012

A film by Jeremy Torrie

Produced by Jeremy Torrie and Anne-Marie Gélinas

With Kaniehtiio Horn, Meredith Henderson, Corey Sevier, Ben Hollingsworth, Evan Williams and Melanie St-Pierre

Ojibway artist Jennifer Morrisseau is the next big thing in the contemporary art world, but 21 year old Jen’s more interested in getting away for a snowy weekend in the mountains at her uncle’s old hunting cabin with her tight-knit group of friends: wealthy socialite Nicole Riley, quantum physics protégé Duncan Mawhinney, Joe and Kim Dawson, offspring of the former Minister of Indian Affairs and Benjamin Ratner, the son of a real estate mogul.

The group heads off to Jen’s place, not far from an abandoned ski hill. On the way they come across an inverted animal carcass. They immediately feel they are being watched. What they don’t know is that they have arrived at a spiritually charged location and it is up to Jen to protect them from the malevolent Spirit who lives on the mountain. All the while Jen gives the impression that she really wants to belong – the outsider who’s won her way into this circle of friends. Yet she is harboring a dark secret that will force her to choose between her friends and the evil spirits who have ordained her with a special gift.

As the friends party around the fire, Jen recounts the Windigo legend, of a fierce and terrifying creature ten feet tall with fangs that stalks and kills humans, particularly in the remote wilderness. Overnight one of the girls disappears. A search party ensues, and as they frantically explore the wild, what they find affirms that they are being hunted – but by who, or by what, they are unsure. Each of the friends will be forced to face their own demonds or one by one, they will fall victims to the Spirits.